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What is Inspiration?

Posted on September 10, 2016 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (3028)

What is Inspiration? Inspiration is the motor that drives creativity, hard work, and determination. It enables humans to utilize the beauty they see outside of themselves to motivate the desire for change. What is the root of inspiration? Where does it come from? Some people are inspired by the writings of historical philosophers like Confuscius who believed that “life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”. Others are inspired by social justice and the need to advocate for equal opportunity. Inspiration can come from something as small as a seed, demonstrating the power and beauty of nature to as large and unknown as space, which inspires with its endless boundaries and mysteries.

What inspires me? According to Anders Ericsson, a Florida State psychologist, “inspiration is a gift that goes beyond anything you could have deserved”. The ugly in the world still surprises me. The anger, sadness, ignorance, selfishness and closed-mindedness make it easy to get carried away, focusing solely on the injustice that often drives the madness that is life. I must remind myself to not place more weight on the negative than the positive. To recognize the tremendous impact that good really has. I am fortunate enough to have been gifted inspiration many times in my life. My parents, who exercised unconditional positive regard with everyone they met, supported me in all of my endeavors, even when they probably shouldn’t have; My sister, who across seas still shared her constant joy and appreciation for life with me; My childhood best friends Becky and Elizabeth, who still to this day, frequently reach out to tell me they love me; And my professors, who showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. These inspirational people are ultimately the reason I am where I am today. The reason I was so lucky to be introduced to one of the most inspirational people I have met, Jeanne Assinthe.

Jeanne is not your typical 29-year old. She was born to change the world. Looking at Jeanne’s resume is like looking at a “how-to” guide. Each chapter of Jeanne’s professional journey plays a part in what may end up being one of the most inspirational stories on the mental health field to date. She is the clinical director for Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, Inc. In my world, Jeanne is a supervisor, counseling guru, and professional role-model. Jeanne started her professional career as a Miami Dade Public School System per diem substitute teacher in 2008. Next, three years as a correctional officer gave Jeanne insight into the Florida Department of Correction’s systematic policies, regulations, and procedures. Following, as a targeting case manager/therapist and educator, Jeanne conducted assessments and established service plans, as well as counseled individuals, families, groups and communities, and acted as a liaison between students, homes, schools, family services, child guidance clinics, courts, protective services, doctors, and other contacts, to help children who face problems such as disabilities, abuse, or poverty. In 2012, Jeanne worked as a clinical counselor at Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, Inc. Jeanne then continued her passion for working with children as a child therapist at Miami Behavior Health Center. Today, Jeanne still works as a substitute teacher, targeting case manager and therapist, and of course, the clinical director of Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, Inc. Jeanne has an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Social Work degree, and is currently pursuing her Master of Public Administration degree. Oh, and did I mention that Jeanne is an amazing mother of Sophia, her outgoing, caring, and very talented daughter? Inspiration can come from anywhere, anything, or anyone.

Some people are born to inspire. Some are born to be inspired. What inspires you?

Ijah Jablonski

MS Mental Health Counseling

Substance Abuse Counselor